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Urban Pass Barcelona

The company Urban pass is made up of 3 friends who have been based in Barcelona for many years.

Previously, they used to organize parties in many clubs in the city. Most of their clients were vacationers or newcomers.

Many of them were wasting their time in uninteresting places and often asked them for recommendations: it’s true that it’s long and tedious to plan a entire trip in a city that we don’t know very well and that we tend to put this task off until the last minute.

This is where Urban Pass was born, with the aim of simplifying life for thousands of people and leting them benefit from their knowledge of the places where they live.

As its name indicates, Urban-Pass is a pass, which provides to vacationers significant savings with their partners (clubs, bars, restaurants, water-sports, scooter/bicycle, …). This way, the customers will get to know the right places without wasting time doing research, while being free to personalize their stay according to their desires.

The team at Urban-Pass came to me facing a number of challenges with their new project. From scratch, I had to created a Multilingual website (4 languages), responsive design, different application & contact forms, an interactive map and an understandable CMS to allow my customers to add and update content as their organization evolved.

I’ve created just about everything: databases, webdesign, security, updates, a customizable email newsletter, whitepapers, annual reports, the list goes on.

Finally we've built a beautifully responsive experience, with a brand new Wordpress environment that offered maximum flexibility for their ever-changing content. A robust system makes it quick and easy for them to edit text, images and videos by themselves.

As a citytrip-lover myself, I was proud to work with them to make this site the best it could be. I can’t wait to visit Barcelona!!

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Graphic & Web Design, Development, Multilingual, Responsive Design, Interactive Map, Application & Contact Forms